I treat your home like I would treat my own. We take extra effort to meticulously prep your home—perhaps the most important step in the job. Then, we apply the most appropriate high quality products to meet our exacting specifications...and your satisfaction.

What is "more than just painting?"

Inside Your House
Warped floor boards, a cracked window sill, broken molding or broken window, doors that don’t shut properly, peeling wall paper...and that leak in the ceiling are all going to detract from your beautiful paint job. You’ll need a contractor.

And that’s us! We’re also a General Contractor. So, you don’t have to worry about making phone calls or conducting interviews to find one, we’ll point out these problems, and fix them for you without any more effort on your part. After all, we want the paint job that we do for you to look as good as it can! Its the one stop shopping we all do and like.

Outside Your House
We devote as much attention to repairing the outside of your house as we do for the inside—when its needed—to give it the same exquisite finish. To bring the outside of your house up to our standard of painting excellence, we can replace rotting trim or siding, windows and window sills.

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